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When Pilates and yoga first hit mainstream fitness over a decade ago, instructors enthusiastically fused these traditional methods with everything from kickboxing to weight lifting, disco and rollerblading. While many of these fads have fizzled, the fusion of Pilates and yoga remains a popular combination—and one that has continued to mature since the hundred was first introduced to downward-facing dog. Welcome to better health with Yoga Pilates Fusion.

What Do Pilates and Yoga Have in Common?
In the modern fitness environment, Pilates or yoga enthusiasts may have misconceptions about the other system. Many participants and instructors have an exaggerated sense of the differences, dismissing the one they don’t practice as “only core strengthening” or “only stretching.” Even the legendary origins of each system seem worlds apart: Joseph Pilates, a German gymnast and bodybuilder, developed his exercise system during World War I while imprisoned in a British internment camp. Yoga, on the other hand, has its roots in the thousands-year-old Vedic traditions of ancient India.

Despite these different origins, Pilates and yoga have much in common. Shirley Archer, JD, MA, author of Pilates Fusion: Well-Being for Body, Mind, and Spirit (Chronicle Books 2004), says, “It’s clear that Joseph Pilates was exposed to yoga, and many Pilates moves are inspired by traditional yoga moves.” Valentin, owner of Pilates Body by Valentin in Dublin, California, explains that Pilates and yoga share eight key principles:

whole-body movement
balanced muscle development

“Understand these principles and be able to cue them verbally and visually. They should be ingrained in your practice,” advises Valentin. Starting with what unites the two systems will help you teach a successful fusion class and make even hardcore Pilates or yoga enthusiasts feel at home in your classes.

Profit big with Amazon with your Yoga/Pilates Products
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Yoga Pilates Fusion
Yoga Pilates Fusion Workout Yoga pilates Yoga and Pilates
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Best Yoga Pilates Fusion Workout
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