Chris Botti In Boston | Shape Of My Heart Sting & J. Groban

Sting and Josh Groban -- singing on stage together for the first time -- perform Sting's "Shape of My Heart" with acclaimed trumpeter Chris Botti in Botti's new PBS special CHRIS BOTTI IN BOSTON, premiering February 28 on PBS (check local listings).

In his new PBS special, CHRIS BOTTI IN BOSTON, trumpeter Botti performs with an incredible group of featured guest artists, including Sting, Josh Groban, John Mayer, Yo-Yo Ma, Lucia Micarelli, Katharine McPhee, Steven Tyler and Sy Smith, with Keith Lockhart conducting the Boston Pops. The program was filmed at Symphony Hall in Boston. It premieres February 28 and airs throughout March 2009 on most PBS stations. Check local listings for dates and times in your area. Help PBS continue to offer all Americans -- from every walk of life -- the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds through television and online content. To donate, please visit
Duration: 5 Minute, 40 Second
Rating: 4.9 - Excellent
Published: 10 Years Ago
Author: PBS
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