Reagans Casket In Procession Through Dc To Rotunda

(10 Jun 2004)
1. Reagan's hearse on Constitution Avenue outside the White House
2. Nancy Reagan walking on Constitution Avenue, crowd applauding
3. Various views Reagan's casket pulled out of hearse and put on horse-drawn carriage
4. Nancy Reagan watching
5. Wide shot of casket on horse drawn carriage in front of White House
6. Shots of crowd watching casket pass by
7. Horses pulling casket on carriage
8. Close shot of Nancy Reagan through car window, following casket
9. Shots of casket being pulled by carriage through Washington
10. Close up of Sergeant York, the rider-less horse
11. Wide top shot Navy honour cordon walking down Constitution Avenue
12. Various views of carriage pulling casket
13. Arial shot of procession
14. Street level shot of procession
15. Close-up people watching from the trees
16. Close up of woman watching
17. Airplanes fly over Capitol
18. People watching flyover
19. Wide view of Capitol building
20. Shots of casket arriving at Capitol
21. Shots of Nancy Reagan standing on Capitol steps
22. Cannon goes off in front of Capitol
23. Close up of Nancy Reagan
24. Push in of rider-less horse
25. Casket being carried towards Rotunda
26. Wide view of interior of Capitol Rotunda
27. Shots of casket being carried into Capitol Rotunda
28. Nancy Reagan watching casket
29. Servicemen placing casket
30. Wide shots of casket in rotunda
31. SOUNDBITE (English) Dick Cheney, US Vice President:
"Knowing that this moment would come, has not made it any easier. To see the honour guard and the flag-draped before us and to begin America's farewell to President Ronald Reagan. He said goodbye to us in a letter that showed great courage and love for America. Yet for his friends and for his country the parting comes only now and in this national vigil of mourning we show how much America loved this good man and how greatly we will miss him."
32. Push in to mid shot of casket
33. Wide aerial shot of casket
34. Cheney and Nancy Reagan walk towards casket
35. Shots of Nancy placing her hand on casket
36. Nancy and Cheney walk away
37. Wide pull out of casket, dissolve into flag
With a riderless horse symbolising the fallen president, Ronald Reagan's casket arrived at the US Capitol on Wednesday, where it will lie in state ahead of Friday's state funeral.
People stood by in their thousands as the funeral procession moved along Constitution Avenue, many having waited hours in the steamy heat to pay their last respects.
Reagan's widow Nancy headed the procession, waving repeatedly to the crowds, but looking wan.
Reagan's funeral procession was formed within view of the South Lawn of the White House.
Following a long tradition, rarely seen, the body of the former president, who was an avid horseman, was carried on a black caisson drawn by six horses.
The artillery carriage was built in 1918 to carry provisions and ammunition.
Behind that trailed Sergeant York, the horse with an empty saddle and boots reversed in the stirrups to symbolise a warrior who will ride no more and looks back a final time on his troops.
Overhead - only 1,000 feet overhead - 21 fighter jets screamed by in four formations, a wingman breaking away and rocketing upward to signify the loss of a comrade.
In her husband's death as in his life, Nancy Reagan was beside him at every step.
When his casket reached the landing of the Capitol, she reached out and touched it.
The United States' 40th president lay in state under a dome where public servants from Abraham Lincoln forward have been honoured.
U-S Vice President Dick Cheney, speaking at the state funeral ceremony opening the 34-hour period of Reagan's lying in state, paid tribute to a graceful and gallant man.

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