C300 Remote Control: Using The Wft-e6a Wi-fi Adapter

When Canon launched the EOS C300, one of the touted features was Wi-Fi control via the optional WFT-E6A adaptor. Originally designed for the Canon EOS-1D X DSLR, the WFT-E6A allows you to preview the image and make exposure adjustments from any web browser, including tablet devices and smart phones. Canon has just started to ship the WFT-E6A adaptor, and we've received a few questions as to how to best set up the adaptor and your device, so I've put together this guide to help you get started. The most common connection will likely be a point-to-point connection (AdHoc) between the camera and your device, so that will be the method we use here today.

I included the above video of the C300 connected to my iPad so you can see how quickly the camera responds to camera control inputs, and how the image preview feature works. Keep reading below if you'd like to see how to connect the two!

For a step-by-step tutorial, visit our blog: http://blog.abelcine.com/2012/07/16/using-the-wft-e6a-adapter-c300-wi-fi-remote/
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Published: 6 Years Ago
Author: AbelCine
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