The Wrong Trousers - Train Chase - Wallace And Gromit

Feathers attempts to outrun Wallace and Gromit in this classic chase scene from Nick Parks Oscar winning, The wrong Trousers.


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Official Movie Synopsis:
Wallace & Gromit, the stars of Nick Park’s Oscar-nominated A Grand Day Out, return in their most exciting adventure to date.
A mysterious penguin and a pair of automated techno-trousers are the catalysts for a fast-moving comedy thriller, in which mild mannered Wallace finds himself an unwitting accomplice to a daring diamond robbery. His faithful dog, Gromit turns detective in a desperate attempt to save his master, but even he finds his ingenuity tested to the full as events build towards a spectacular and hilarious climax - a train chase around Wallace’s living room !

Statement from Nick Park:
“Wallace & Gromit are my friends. I grew very attached to them during the six years that it took us to make A Grand Day Out. We then had a break from each other whilst I was involved in making Creature Comforts and the commercial spin-offs that followed. After a year or so, I found I was itching to work with them again. In The Wrong Trousers, I wanted to tell a bigger story; to test their versatility and character in a more involved plot; to make a film that I would have loved as a child, and yet could enjoy as an adult equally well and without apology.”
Duration: 2 Minute, 53 Second
Rating: 4.9 - Excellent
Published: 4 Years Ago
Author: Wallace and Gromit
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