This Guy Was Expecting Quintuplets, But Then He Learned His Girlfriend’s Terrible Secret

It is fair to say that Barbara Bienvenue brought about a massive change to Paul Servats’ world when she landed in his life in 2013. The Montreal couple had met each other online, but things moved fast in real life. Just two weeks into their relationship, Bienvenue had some big news for her new beau – she was pregnant. In fact, Servats would find out that she was expecting a bumper load of five babies. The mom and dad-to-be were immensely excited, but this would turn out to be no ordinary pregnancy. Bienvenue was hiding something huge, which would lead to a massive disappointment…

However, before the hugely devastating truth about her pregnancy was revealed, the then 37-year-old Bienvenue, and her 35-year-old boyfriend, Servat, had reveled in pre-baby bliss. In fact, considering the duo had only been dating for eight weeks, they were still in the first flush of their romance in September, 2013, when Bienvenue announced she was expecting.

But, originally, the mom-to-be was only expecting the one baby. Servat spoke to the Toronto Sun newspaper in March, 2014, about their delight at the welcome news. He recalled, “We were so happy.” And he added that their joy had a ripple effect, revealing, “Even my parents… were so looking forward to having grandchildren.” And this elation and anticipation was no doubt amplified and multiplied when Bienvenue discovered she was expecting a multiple birth.

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