Bosnia: Sarajevo: Sniper Alley


One man has been killed and another is in a critical condition after they were shot during a sniper attack at Sarajevo's infamous "Sniper Alley".

French troops patrolling the area were unable to spot the snipers to return fire.

The death bring to four, the number killed in recent weeks as Bosnian Serb snipers step up their activities.

45 year old Rifiat Ibrovic was killed instantly as snipers opened fire at Sarajevo's main thoroughfare.

French peacekeepers did not return fire as their visibility was limited by heavy mist which shrouded the Bosnian capital all day.

Serb snipers routinely fire on civilians from positions in burnt out towers blocks 300 metres away across the Miljacka river.

The second victim, a 28 year old man, was rushed to Sarajevo's Kosovo hospital suffering critical wounds to the head and spine.

French peace keepers have been asking the Bosnian municipal authority to restore anti sniper screens which were removed earlier this year after the ceasefire agreement in the city.

So far their requests have fallen on deaf ears despite the shooting of seven civilians in the past two weeks.

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