15 Foods Americans Eat That Disgusts Foreigners

Not everyone loves the things we do here in the USA, here is a list of the most hated by foreigners.

Biscuits and gravy is a great way to wake up in the morning according to many American diners, but not foreigners. Early European settlers in America created this dish consisting of delicious sausage meat covering soft buttermilk biscuits so that they would have a cheap meal that would keep them full all day.
Peanut Butter

Nothing could be more American than peanut butter. While the average American eats six pounds of peanut butter each year, most foreigners prefer to pass on this delicious treat that tastes moreish whether you eat it alone, on a sandwich, or stuff into baked treats, like peanut butter cookies.
White Sandwich Bread

Americans love white sandwich bread, and the average American consumes about 53 pounds of the stuff each year. While people around the world consume bread, it is definitely not the white squishy variety that is so popular in the United States. With America's love of sandwich bread, it's a good thing that it takes a combination of only about 0.129 seconds to harvest enough for one loaf of bread.
Red Velvet Cake
While hungry foreigners find a few red velvet cakes in European fine dining restaurants, it is possible to find them anywhere in the U.S. Historians credit Adams Extract of Texas with creating the first red food dye during the Great Depression, which soon led to the first red velvet cake recipe.
Chicken Fried Steak
Lamesa, Texas, is home to the first chicken fried steak, which came about when a cook made a mistake on an order of chicken and steak. The result was so delicious, according to Americans, that the food became an instant sensation, so much so that it even has its very own holiday on October 26. Lamesa hosts a chicken fried steak cookoff each year.
Powdered Gelatin
Peter Cooper, whom historians credit with building the first American steam-powered locomotive, received the first patent for a powdered gelatin in 1846. It was not, however, until 1904, when Genesee Pure Food Company offered free gelatin cookbooks to cooks around America, that Americans began their love affair with flavored gelatin. The brand name commonly known in America is Jell-O. Known as Jelly across Europe, this wobbly treat doesn't seem to fare as well in other countries.
Corn Dog
Neil Fletcher was a struggling vendor of hot dogs at the Texas State Fair when he hit upon an ingenious idea. He took his hot dogs, put them on a stick, breaded them, and deep fat fried them. The new corn dog was an instant sensation and created a food that only Americans seem to love.
Among the things Americans eat that foreigners hate is grits, although many Americans may confess to disliking them, too. Native Americans created the first grits from the way that they prepared maize. Proving that many Americans love this food, St. George, South Carolina, hosts a large festival each year dedicated to grits.
Frito Pies
However you prepare them, Frito pies are popular in America. Mystery shrouds the origin of this dish. Some argue that Teresa Hernandez invented the Frito pie at the Five and Dime in Santa Fe, New Mexico, while others claim that Daisy Dean Deolin, the mother of the founder of Frito-Lay, invented the dish. Regardless, many foreigners consider them to taste like rubbish in a bag.
Pumpkin Pie
A holiday tradition, pumpkin pie is a food that many Americans love, and foreigners despise. One of the largest pumpkin pies ever made contained more than 1,200 pounds of pumpkin, almost 110 gallons of evaporated milk, almost 3,000 eggs, and 525 pounds of sugar. Seasoning this 3,699-pound creation was 14.5 pounds of cinnamon.
Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie
When spring is just starting to give way to summer, many Americans enjoy eating large slices of strawberry-rhubarb pie using the last of the fresh-from-the-patch strawberries and the first tender stalks of rhubarb. While diners around the world eat both strawberries and rhubarb, combining them between two flaky pie crusts is an American tradition.
Cheese Whiz
While foreigners cannot understand Americans' fascination with Cheese Whiz, it is the number one-selling processed cheese food in the United States. Kraft created the original Cheese Whiz to help cooks easily prepare Welsh rarebit at home. Since its introduction, Kraft has produced many other pseudo-cheese products, including Velveeta, American Singles, and Philadelphia shredded cheese.
Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs

While other parts of the world serve sausages on a bun, hot dogs are an American invention. In 1893 Chris von der Ahe, owner of the St. Louis Browns, ensured that Americans would always love their hot dogs by connecting ballgames and hot dogs forever in their minds.
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