World Record: Punch Impulse 83 Newton Second (2.7.2018)

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Explanation: Impulse is force times time, it is change of momentum (Momentum is mass times velocity), it literally means higher impulse father object will knocked back (And faster) or head causing knockout. My measurement by Vernier Force Plate. Heavy Bag/Punching Bag is 45 kg or 100 lbs.

The graph of the force was much better than last time (31.8.2017). Because it produces bigger impulse in the same time than last time and the impact lasts longer thus even bigger result. Also the peak of force curve is looking better, larger impulse in the critical section where the peak force is.

For comparison Muay Thai roundhouse has been measured at 86 newton seconds. Punches are depending the method stop around 41 newtons second. Frank Bruno heavyweight world champion was 41 N.s, same with Olympic boxer. Naturally Muay Thai roundhouse will hurt much more because hard shin and more peak force.
Duration: 13 Second
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Published: 1 Years Ago
Author: UncleSamPatriot
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