Vengeance Trail - Full Movie By Film&clips

Vengeance Trail - Full Movie by film&Clips

aka "Death's Dealer" aka "La vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo".

di Pasquale Squitieri. Con Klaus Kinski, Leonard Mann, Ivan Rassimov, Enzo Fiermonte. Western, durata 98 min. - Italia 1971

70s Spaghetti Western with Klaus Kinski. After witnessing the brutal murder of his entire family by Native Americans as a child, Jeremiah Bridger becomes a merciless Indian-killer and scalp hunter. However, after saving the life of a beautiful Native American girl named Tune, the gunman slowly reconsiders his hatred.

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Duration: 1 Hour, 32 Minute, 15 Second
Rating: 4.1 - Very Good
Published: 3 Years Ago
Author: Film&Clips
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