The Cenotaph Memorial To The Alamo Defenders In Downtown San Antonio Tx

The Cenotaph sits on Alamo Plaza in downtown San Antonio TX on land adjacent to the legendary Alamo itself. It's an area where some of the battle of the Alamo actually took place in 1836.

Titled "The Spirit of Sacrifice," the Cenotaph (or "empty tomb") was created by sculptor
Pompeo Coppini from a design envisioned by architect Carlton Adams. Begun in 1937,
the Cenotaph took two years to complete and is itself now a historical treasure.

This is the traditional place where it's believed the slain defenders of the Alamo were piled after the battle and burned in great funeral pyres.

The Alamo Cenotaph is formed Georgia marble and stands on a base of pink Texas granite - the same kind used to build the iconic state capitol in Austin.

Carvings of some of the Alamo defenders appear on the walls, including depictions of William B. Travis, Jim Bowie, David Crockett and James B. Bonham. The
monument also bears the names of men who died at the Alamo.

In addition, there's the following inscription::

"Erected in Memory of the Heroes who sacrificed their lives at the Alamo, March 6, 1836 in the defense of Texas, 'They chose never to surrender nor retreat, these brave hearts with flag still proudly waving perished in the flames of immortality that their high sacrifice might lead to the founding on this Texas.'"

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