Commuting On An Electric Bike?.....yes You Can!

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That ringing sound? For non Australians, they're bellbirds.

The bike? Made in Jinjha , China, It's high quality and cost just over $2000 AUS. The motor is in the rear hub and is 200 watts, presently the legal limit in Australia .

I get about 40 Kms. range from the 36 volt lithium ion battery if I use it sparingly. This, I can do because I have both a throttle and the Pedelec system, I got the bike from a company in Melbourne.

I confess! I'm hooked on Electric Bikes. I think they are part of the the answer, the breakthrough technology, that's needed to get people out of their cars and onto bikes, at least for short trips.

The story here? Tony, Burrell sets out to make a pretty long E. bike commute to work, one he hadn't planned, but which turned out better than he'd hoped.

The ride here is genuine. Tony had never been on an E bike before and never ridden to his present job.

We urgently need to get back on bikes. Australia is moving up to becoming the most obese nation on earth.

How is this possible with all the opportunities for exercise we have? It's possible because we have nurtured a sick, and over the top, love affair with our cars. Sick, because the car is not a lifestyle choice but a lifesteal choice.

Every time you make a trip in that private ton of metal, you rob yourself of the exercise you could get from walking or riding.

We are so used to cars, that it just does not occur to us that we could get to work or the shops on a bike. I was the same till recently.

If you have no l heath worries, then consider Global Warming. There are 12 million cars running around Australia's roads, and putting 35 million tons of carbon into the air each year. it's between 2 and 3 tons per car.

Of course I sound like a preacher, and it's true, I'm only lately on my E bike, and have done a mere 3000 kms, but it sure nice to feel the kilos melt way and see my little car sitting in the drive, much less use.,

Tony might have made it home on the same battery, but the wise thing for him to do would be to take the battery into his office and recharge it during the day.

I end by making it clear that I have no financial interest in E. bikes. I simply think they are;

A Revolution On Two Wheels! !!!!!!

Mike Rubbo
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Published: 10 Years Ago
Author: Michael Rubbo
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