The Royal Ballet Rehearse Infra

Join dancers of The Royal Ballet, Wayne McGregor and the Max Richter Quartet for a glimpse into rehearsals for Infra. Find out more at

In Wayne McGregor's masterpiece of abstract ballet, 12 dancers portray the emotions beneath the surface of human interaction - the title Infra comes from the Latin word for 'below'. This collaboration with artist Julian Opie was created for The Royal Ballet in 2008, and has been performed around the world to critical acclaim.

Opie's LED figures walk across a screen above the stage for the duration of the ballet while underneath, the solos, duets and ensembles build to a mesmerizing climax, as six couples dance simultaneously within their separate squares of light. Infra explores the feelings we keep hidden from those around us; a crowd surges past one woman who remains still, her private grief gut-wrenchingly evident for the audience, but unnoticed by the crowd. This ground-breaking work remains one of McGregor's finest, and one of contemporary ballet's most emotionally resonant pieces.
Duration: 1 Hour, 22 Minute, 33 Second
Rating: 4.9 - Excellent
Published: 6 Month Ago
Author: Royal Opera House
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