Episode 3: Moving Day

Some things are easier to say over the phone.


This is not a story of boy meets girl.

This is a story of boy texts girl while she's texting her ex-boyfriend who is sexting with some chick he just met on the internet who may or may not be insane.

This is a story of Evan and Adele who, in an earlier age, might have walked a straight path to love but in a day where every person from your past is in your phone and any one online could be in your future, their road to romance will be a roller coaster.

This is a story of sex and love conspiring to destroy the world... and ten people enjoying the ride all the way to the end.

The Pawns (In order of appearance)

Nicole Foster Callahan -- Adele
Christopher Powers -- Zed
Courtney Campbell -- Denise
Devlin Borra -- Evan
Nikki Boyer -- Pam

Blake Boyd -- Marko

J.J. Nolan -- Jasmine
Sterling Sulieman -- Charlie
Deanna Smith -- Farah
Baxter Defy -- Peter

The Enablers

Brad T. Gottfred -- Creator, Director http://twitter.com/CrazyGottfred
Michael Callahan Jr -- Producer http://twitter.com/mjcallahanjr
Corey Moss -- Executive Producer
Kimberly Culotta -- Director of Photography
Michael Shaw -- Editor
Ian Boyd -- Location Sound

Jason Bell -- Assistant Camera

Renee Petkovski -- Visual Designer
Jared Scharfetter -- Gaffer

Rem Scobell -- Opening Animation
Hayley Taylor -- Music Supervisor
Tommy Fields -- Additional Music

Sean Bennett -- Assistant Editor
Giovanna Sarquis -- Production Assistant
Joe Redmond -- Poster Art


Principato-Young Entertainment
Bleeping Crazy Entertainment
Slow Show Productions

For more info visit http://bleepingcrazy.com

Part of the My Damn Channel Comedy Network
Duration: 4 Minute, 7 Second
Rating: 4.7 - Excellent
Published: 6 Years Ago
Author: Sex and Love Conspire to Destroy the World
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