Missunderstood Episode 19 Comment

Nick's POV
I opened my eyes...i felt dizzy...i don't know where i am... I tried to sit up but hurt to..so i just looked at the light bulb above me..im not sure what happen..but i do remember i was a the school dance...I look around the room.. or tried to...someones head...laying on the bed beside me...i made myself sit up...as i did the person it's head...Demi! Her eyes were puffy and widen....She screamed and huged me..Selena and Moma and Wow....Ashley!!! She is beautiful i have never seen her like this before her smile...that when i realized i was in the hospital..... with a confused tone i spoke........

-Whhat happen?
Kat(nicks mom)- you stopped breathing...
-what?! why....
Selena- um...
*nurse walks in*
Demi- we will tell you later..
Selena-yea get some rest...
Ashley- Tell him what?
Selena-*grabs Ashleys arm**pulls her toward the door* we will be right back.
Demi-yea..right back....*leaves*
Ashley's POV
What is going on....
Ashley- *in the waiting room* Ok Start talking..
Demi/Selena-*look at each other*
Ashley-HELLO! I not stupid so tell me...
Demi- well, we found something out about nick..
Selena- Ash, Miley had been giving him pills.
Ashley-huh? what do you mean...
Demi- Miley..she wants him to stop thinking about everyone else so..
Selena- So she has been putting pills in his drinks...to make him dizzy and helpless.
Demi-So she can get her way...see he talked to him yesterday after math class..and i told him i knew what he did to you...he said he didn't know what i was talking about..
Selena- and like an hour before Nick...stopped breathing i over heard miley in the bathroom...she said she was going to make it easier for him...and gave him 3 more pills...
Demi- i guess his body couldn't take no more...
Ashley- what are you saying..
Demi-im..we are thinking that maybe he didn't..
Ashley-*yells* NO!!! *sees people looking* *whispers* he did im telling...i prove it too..*gets up and walks to nick's room*
Selena-Ashley *follows* Ashley wait..
Nick's POV
I'm sitting here..going back and trying to remember what i did to make this happen..how did i..how could it... the nurse she said...i had no... wait the pills the ones in miley's locker..wait miley she...nooo....
Ashley- Hey!
i jumped..wow she is beautiful,...
Ashley-can i please talk to Nick..
Nurse-sure thing..*leaves*
Ashley-*walks to bed* you stupid *eyes tear up*Tell me you did it admit it..
-Admit what...
Demi/Selena- *run in*Ashley....
Ashley- Tell them..tell them the truth..*grabs his shirt*
Selena- Ashley stop now
Ashley- NO!!! tell them
- what are you talking about...
Ashley- *crying a little and angry* Tell them you raped me.
-*eyes widen* Wait what? I never did that..
Ashley- Yes..Yes you did..ahhh*shakes him*
Demi- Ashley... *walks over* *grabs her arms and pulls them off nick* ash.. calm down...Lena *sees she is not there..
- Dem, i didn't.. i couldn't.. im not that kind of person...
Selena-*walks in angry* Tell him...
Demi-*looks* Lena..what are you doing?
Selena- I'm getting answers..answers we all needs..
-Miley? what is she talking about...
Miley- i-i don't know..
Selena- Really! *throws something on the bed* then what are these
Miley-nothing .. i mean i don't know....
Demi- Pill bottles..*looks at them*all the same thing..
-Miley? What--
Miley-nothing baby..*trys to hug him*
-*pulls away* It- it was you.. i couldn't remember things and i felt dizzy and i-- i a pill fell out your locker..it was you who did this to me..
Miley- No baby i cou--
Demi- Miley..don't lie ok...we all know you did it...
Ashley- *eyes still puffy* When did it start..Miley..when?
-Miley tell the truth...
Miley- *sighs* like 2 weeks after we started dating.....ugh...i'm sorry nick...
Ashley-And at your party...
Miley- *Sighs* Yes....i wanted---
Ashley- *stands up* i was raped at that party...by *points to nick* *pauses* but now i realize its cuz he didn't know it was me...he thought it was you....
*walks over to her* See i have been blaming the wrong person *turns to walk away**turns back around and punches her in the face* Its your fault..you slut..*walks out*
Whoa i put my hand on my mouth and Demi and Selena did the same...Nice punch.....
Demi's POV
Whoa nice....Miley lay on the floor.. i could tell she was crying...Ha thats what you get.... Ashley walked out the room...Selena and i followed.. Ashley stood by a police officer...She said something....the man's eyes widen..she pulled out a recorder..whoa she recorded everything...he took it from her and listened then he walked out to another officer who listened..then.. they walked pass me and Selena and walked into Nick's room...A minute later..walked out with Miley in handcuffs....
Duration: 1 Minute, 14 Second
Rating: 4.8
Published: 9 Years Ago
Author: DetentionGyrl
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