Dj Yella Discusses Being The Only Nwa Member At Eazy-es Funeral

Description: - DJ Yella recently spoke to VladTV about the last interaction he had with Eazy-E right before the legendary emcee succumbed to complications from AIDS.

The founding member of NWA told us he spoke with Eazy during an adult film he was shooting at the "Eazy-Duz-It" emcee's home. Yella then revealed that Eazy told him to "watch yourself" before it was announced that he had AIDS, which the producer later realized was the rapper's way of telling him about his illness.

After revealing his passion to do music died when Eazy passed away, Yella addressed being the only NWA member to attend his funeral. He explained that the members will never discuss why they didn't go to the funeral, but he guessed "some people probably just can't take it."

Check out more of what DJ Yella had to say in the above clip.
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Published: 3 Years Ago
Author: djvlad
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