Cmaw 017 - Guitar For God With Dennis Agajanian

What You'll Hear:
Dennis came to Christ at age 11 in a church with 4 people and one light bulb, , the first time he ever talked back to an adult
Larry Ward who led Dennis to Christ later ran World Hunger
Started playing trumpet, and then started playing guitar after watching the Dillards on the Andy Griffith show
Dennis met Billy Graham when Dennis was 17 years old while he was volunteering with Campus Crusade for Christ evangelizing at Berkeley, witnessing to the Vice President of the Hell's Angels
In 1974 Cliff Barrows from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association heard Dennis play at a concert and invited Dennis to play at their Crusade in Lubbock, TX. Dennis met Franklin Graham there and they've been friends ever since
Dennis has done 45 episodes with Billy Graham and over 300 with Franklin.
Dennis and Franklin are best friends and they talk several times a day.
Will Graham is executive V.P. of the BGEA, he's just 40 years old and like a son to Dennis
Dennis shares some of his fondest memories of playing at the crusades, one of them was when Billy Graham asked Dennis to go to the bars in Boise, Idaho to invite everyone to the crusade
Dennis has been to 112 countries, half of all the countries in the world
He averages around 110 concerts every year
It's important that all men have great work ethics and good integrity
When dealing with difficult people at work, a kind word will turn away wrath, but we should be straight up and deal with them directly. Be a man and stand up like a man. If they have freedom to be cussing then you have freedom to stand up to them. Rebuke them sharply and be respected more than liked. You can be the thorn in their side with God's truth.
Have a kind word, but a strong word. That's what Jesus did. No man, especially a Christian, should ever be walked on. Stand strong and support the Lord. You've got be able to be the Marshall Dillon. It's a time of confrontation, not negotiation.
You should do your job at work, that's what you do. God's love with show in you.
The best way to share the Gospel at work is to first develop a friendship, and speak in a way they are likely to receive, like Paul did at Mars Hill. Don't get right into theology. Just talk to them. Give them milk.
People are made to respond to the truth. We are created to follow God. It's up to us to tell them how to do that.
It's not what a man says, but what he is. They need to be strong, and diligent, and have wisdom.
Favorite verse is Colossians 3:16
When commuting listen to songs that have good Theology. Jeremy Camp, David Crowder, Dennis Agajanian, some of the old hymns, Fanny Crosby, Michael W. Smith.
Final thought: Become a student of the Bible. Memorize certain verses. It's important that God know us and we know Him.
Check out and in a month or so for accelerated lessons they can take
Duration: 46 Minute, 1 Second
Rating: 4.9
Published: 1 Years Ago
Author: Dave Hilgendorf
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