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At central Texas' hottest night club, The Highball, synth rock warriors Dragon Sound reunited after 25 years to perform their anthems ,Friends, and ,Against the Ninja,,
as seen in the gonzo trailer to 80s martial arts thunder-rager Miami Connection. This once-in-a-lifetime event at Fantastic Fest kicked-off the fest's infamous annual "Chaos Reigns Karaoke Party." Once thought to be lost forever and discovered by an Alamo Drafthouse programmer via a blind eBay purchase for $50, Miami Connection is soon to be released by Drafthouse Films and in celebration, new exclusive merchandise will be unveiled and for sale at the concert. Retro Dragon Sound sleeveless red t-shirts, stunning Miami Connection one-sheet posters, and limited edition 7, vinyl singles featuring both of the above songs(!). Attendees will be able to purchase this merchandise individually or as value fan-packs and also pre-order the upcoming MIami Connection DVD and Blu-ray which is set to be released on December 11th!

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Dragon Sound Reunion "Against the Ninja" | Fantastic Fest | FandangoMovies
Duration: 3 Minute, 53 Second
Rating: 4.7 - Excellent
Published: 6 Years Ago
Author: Fandango All Access
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