Baby Left In Car - Social Experiment

Observing the behaviour of people who pass by a vehicle with a baby locked in the car. (Staged)

This would connect with both the Physical Aspect of Being and the Emotional. We know that, in several ways, the body and mind works to maintain the status quo or balance(homeoestasis) so it is interesting to see people who seeminly are uninvolved or unaffected by this situation get involved and become a part of the situation. What Motivates them? Their intrinsic cognitive motivation where they do it for their own purposes (intrinsic) and mentally recognize a threat (to someone else in this case) but they cognitively try to eliminate the threat or risk to the infant. Maybe, by recognizing a threat to another human being, especially one who cannot protect themselves, they themselves feel threatened and feel compelled, by instinct? to act? Who knows...

We've also learned that emotions are different from feelings. While emotions are more intense and momentary, feelings are longer-lasting and more general. The reactions these "advocates" have are straight emotional ones - intense states. Does it seem like the man was able to calm down more quickly than the woman, after they were debriefed? We learned that the male parasympathetic nervous system responds more quickly than a womans - that fight / flight system kicks in but can calm a man down more quickly.

So much to consider... now that we've been studying this course!!

Question: How do you think the actress playing the reckless mother felt during each scenario when she was confronted by such passionately angry people?? Would her fight/flight reflex kick in... and would you expect her experience to be as emotional as the people who confronted her?

ALSO! Consider as well the difference between people who act on their own and the people who were acting as a group! We've discussed the fact that people respond differently when they are on their own - they assume it's not their problem and that someone else will deal with it - but in a group you gain motivation because you have that reassurance that others support your belief. It's pretty cool to see three ordinary strangers work together to protect a child they feel is in danger!
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